Wednesday, September 22, 2010

0 years 2 months 0 weeks 4 days

Dear Austen,

You're becoming so much fun! You laugh a lot more now, your awareness is just amazing! On Saturday I had a senior portrait shoot in Yamhill, so Grandma Biggs watched you- we were going to take you with us and at the last minute decided to ask her, and I'm glad we did! It was so wet and rainy it would have been really hard to keep you dry and happy! The shoot went well though, and we're going out again next month when the leaves change. In the meantime, trying to find time to edit the pictures with you is no easy task!

On Monday daddy got to practice what it will be like when I go back to work in two weeks and he watched you as much as possible so I could get some photo editing done. He did great! He took you for a walk, and changed most of your seemed pretty content to have that much Daddy Time!

You've been feeling a little off, needing a lot more cuddles and not sleeping as well, I can only imagine it's the thrush meds we are on. Mine give me an awful headache, so I'm sure yours do something to you too....
On Sunday my eye was infected, probably because mommy is TERRIBLE at remembering to wash her contacts weekly, so you and I stayed home while daddy went and watched football with Grandpa Biggs. My eye watered allllll day, so you and I just laid around and rested, which was okay with you!

Yesterday I got almost nothing done because you were clearly having a bad day, and didn't want to nap without me. Worse of all, when I put you down for your morning nap you started screaming after ten minutes because you scratched your face below your left eye! Oh it was awful you poor thing! I feel so bad, it's mommy's fault for not trimming your nails better...though you just HATE it! So the rest of the day you wouldn't nap without me, so we had a nice afternoon nap together and you were all happy and sleepy again when daddy got home! You slept well for the first part of the night, but after about 5am you were very fussy, so you're napping already and it's barely after 9am now!

Mommy got up early today and daddy watched you for me while I ran to Walmart for diapers and formula, and then hit Starbucks on the way home. Daddy said you were laughing so hard at him in the mirror when he was doing his hair! You looked at yourself in the mirror for the first time this morning!!! You didn't care much for just stared...hahaha!
But now we have diapers and formula! yay! Yesterday you practically breastfed all day since we were didn't mind, what with being cuddly as you don't feel well.

Well, now that you're napping I'm going to have some mommy-time and clean up the bedroom and finish my coffee! I hope you feel better soon! I love you dearly!

Love Always,

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