Thursday, November 25, 2010

0 years 4 months 0 weeks 7 days

My little Aus-meister,

Happy Thanksgiving my little one!

Oh, how I continue to think of writing you and never finding the time! In the end I simply end up writing longer letters farther apart, while not ideal, I still get most of my thoughts on here.

You are HUGE! I have to constantly remember to add the clause= "but he's not fat!" whenever people ask how much you weigh! You are almost 17 lbs now, and wearing mostly 6 month clothing! You little chubber! Haha! Really, you're just very stocky, long torso, long're not really very chubby at all! ADORABLE, but not chubby, though I do like to call you the 'chubster'

You amaze me daily. It's as if you wake up some mornings and just decide that today you will do something new that you didn't do 8 hours earlier! Just this morning you are holding a teether and chewing on it, no problem, wheras it seems like just a few days ago I had to hold it for you or you got frustrated. So amazing! You can sit upright for a few seconds without falling, and you LOVE being on your tummy now! You just look around and play with whatever is in front of you. Rolling over is now old news....

You adore tv...Yo Gabba Gabba never fails to give you a smile, and Blues Clues is a favorite as well. You laugh and kick when they dance...just so cute. Your teething seems to have calmed for a while, so no fevers or tears over painful gums for the time being. I'm sure it won't be long and you will go back into the phase again. Always growing!

You are getting much better at taking your bottles, especially when mommy isn't around. You like to hold them, or the hand that is feeding you. I can show you your bottle and sometimes you just reach for it and pull it into your mouth. Your dexterity is improving greatly!

Still the most easy-going, well tempered child! You just smile when I get to Grandmas to pick you up, and are so patient to nurse if that's what you want. Still mixing breastmilk and formula when mommy is at work, you seems to enjoy it a lot, though are still very accepting of formula alone when need be.

Daddy gave you a taste of sweet potatoes on our pre-Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Brunettes on Sunday! You made THE cutest disgusted face I've ever seen!

You really enjoyed your Aunt Judy's visit this last week! She loved being around you, though it's always sad when she leaves. She brought you a ball that you simply ADORE and a stuffed doggy named Ozzy! You like him a lot too.

Well, that's all for now. You're talking to me from the living room so I'd better go. I need to give you a bath and then we will be going to Grandma and Grandpa Biggs for Thanksgiving with the whole family! I love you dearly, and thank God every day that he blessed me with such a fantastic son, who never ceases to be the light of my life. I love you unconditionally as you grow and change!

Love always,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

0 years 3 months 2 weeks 6 days

Dear ever-growing Austen,

Oh I really thought that I would write you more often when I started this. However, life has taken a sudden plunge into frantically busy days and even busier evenings. So who knew...that working full time, having a child at home, and still trying to keep a household moving smoothly would be such a task?! I kid, I think I always knew. Just maybe not so much.

You, my little one, are teething like a fiend, and so early! You are just shy of 4 months now, and a healthy and happy chunky 16 pounder! You are currently wearing 6 month clothing, and an occasional 9 month outfit. Still so long and slender though, so you always look so cute in your long-sleeved clothes because I have to roll your sleeves! ha!

Your poor teeth though. I feel so helpless, you just bite and gnaw on everything, and although you're not a fan of either the cold teething rings OR the numbing teething gel, you always seem a little happier afterwards! You look at me so upset though! And as a breastfeeding mommy, let me just say "Bad Austen! No biting!" haha! No, really you've done well. I can tell when you're really hurting and we just work with it. I still feel helpless that I can't always be there to work through it with you.

On the subject of not always being there, being back to work is getting harder for me. I thought it would get easier, but it's just gradually hurting more. I see you changing, and being a newly developed child each weekend, and that pains me more than I can even tell you. I love my job, and while I'm there I'm happy to do whatever I need to do, but deep inside I just feel so frustrated that I should be somewhere else. Home, with you, is where I know I should be. It is utterly unnatural to be separated from your children, and I still have yet to have had a weekend without some tears. When I am with you, you smile and laugh and cry, and all I can feel is how stupid it is that I am not always there when you go through your emotions. You do however still adore Grandma's house every Tuesday and Wednesday, so that is helpful. You tend to give Daddy a little more trouble but we have decided that is because when you're with Daddy you just associate it with me, and thus don't always understand. You are the easiest with me, and the most at ease with me, and I keep telling myself that it is simply awful that you cannot always be. I never truly imagined how hard it would be, and it is a thousand times harder.

Anyways, let's not dwell on the bad things! You are so healthy and happy, and that is wonderful! I tell myself often how lucky we are to have a healthy child, and wonder what it would be like if you were sick. So many people I talk to with children with health issues, or frankly, people who I talk to that simply do not value their children. Heartbreaking. You are the most important piece of my life, and I will do whatever it is that I have to do that makes it better for you.

I hate that your teeth hurt you! I hope it gets better soon! You get so frustrated with the teethers because your dexterity is not quite yet you need help holding them in your mouth. So sad! It won't be long! You are constantly changing and surprising us! You have been rolling over for weeks now, and you almost (almost!) sit up for a few seconds alone! So cute!

You are my joy. I love you immensely and treasure every moment with you. Thank you for being such a fantastic, amazing child! We love you, Austen. :) Your Aunt Judy will be here in a week or so to visit you, and I can't wait for you to spend some time with her when you do more than just eat, sleep and poop! Haha! Now you laugh and talk and kick too! Such a sweet little man!

Love Always,

Friday, October 22, 2010

0 years 3 months 0 weeks 4 days

Dear Austen,

Oh my dear son, you are doing so well! You are such a wonderful, easy-going child!
You are adapting very well to mommy going back to work, and you are dealing so well with your new schedule. You simply ADORE Grandma’s house! Every Tuesday and Wednesday you wake up with Mommy and have breakfast (mommy-milk!) and then watch some Shaun the Sheep while Mommy wakes up and has coffee. Then you have a diaper change and wait for Mommy to shower before we leave for Grandma’s. You always wake up when we get there and smile! You look around and realize where you are, and just perk right up! I’m beginning to think you enjoy Grandma’s house more than your own home! Haha!
We’ve figured a wonderful arrangement of mixing formula and breastmilk in your bottles and you eat so much better without me. When you’re with me I still give you only formula since I am, after all, the source of the breastmilk!
Daddy is still adjusting and working to find a ‘schedule’ when he is with you, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Sometimes you have a great day with him, other days you just fuss and miss Mommy. One day I drove home on lunch to calm you down, feed you, and put you to sleep. But overall, you are dealing very well. Daddy is learning all your quirks and preferences, and you are getting used to the irregularities of your schedule.
Today you are home with Daddy since it's Friday, and I don’t think he is leaving so I’m going to run home to see you on lunch. I’m sure you’re doing well, but I miss you! You've been sleeping SO much and eating so much lately, I imagine you're sleeping away without a care in the world! Three month growth-spurt!!

Love always,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

0 years 2 months 2 weeks 4 days

Dear Austen,

Well, you had your two month shots! You did surprisingly well. Your reflex was to go to sleep, which you did...and unfortunately had a rude awakening of one needle in each leg! Owch! It was heartbreaking, but you were awesome about it! Now only a few more months and we get to do it again!.....

In less encouraging news, mommy is back to work. I hate it. You hate it. We officially hate mommy not being home with you. The end. But...we do what we do for a reason. Mommy knows she has to work, even though it isn't what we want to do.
The first day you stayed home with daddy, and it went okay, though you refused to eat much of the day, and also didn't want to sleep. As soon as I got home, you cried a little and then proceeded to nurse for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT!!!! wow. You missed me, it was obvious!
Yesterday you spent your first day and Grandma and Grandpa Brunette's. Since you were so tired from Monday, you slept all morning! According to Grandma, you did exceptionally well all day, lots of smiles and happiness, except for feeding time. We assume this is because you realize you're hungry, and that you want to breastfeed. I got to Grandma's at 5:30pm to pick yo0u up after work, and you smiled at me, I picked you up, you smiled again, then you smelled me.
Instant tears....inconsolable, freaking-out tears for over ten minutes. It was AWFUL! You broke mommy's heart! You wouldn't even look at me, just kept panicing and grabbing my clothes and screaming. You refused to breastfeed, and only slightly calmed when I went into the bathroom where you could see 'us' in the mirror. But then you freaked out again....
When you finally did calm down, you nursed for about 20 minutes and fell asleep. When you woke up again, I was forgiven! You smiled and were perfectly happy. You didn't like being put back into your carseat, but you were fine. We went home and the evening went better than Monday, you nursed a little, drank 2oz of formula, smiled and were happy. :)

We shall see how today weren't too happy to be put into your carseat again this morning, but you were pretty smiley at Grandma's before I left. I hope, though am prepared for it, that you don't have a fit tonight. But it's still early and you will get used to this.
It isn't easy for me either. I do okay while I'm away from you, but your reaction to it is breaking my heart. I have only cried briefly, but I most certainly miss you more than I even believed possible. I hope that someday this will all be over. Until then, know that I love you and miss you every second that we are apart.

Love you, child,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

0 years 2 months 1 week 0 days

Dear Austen,

You've been eating beetles!!!
There was a Similac recall on Thursday, stating that there was the possibility of beetles, beetle parts, and larvae in the formula. Of course as luck would have it, that's what you've been eating! The liquid is okay, which is a good thing, because I bought you Enfamil, and you absolutely HATE it. I can't believe we have been giving you beetles though! So disgusting. We've been making jokes all week...everytime you sneeze- "Beetle in your nose?" or when you fuss "Beetle in your tummy?"!! haha....ugh. I'm so so sorry, son!

I ordered you a bouncer/activity center this morning! You're just so antsy to be upright, you no longer are happy laying down or in your swing. You really need something to hold you up and entertain after looking at a ton of them I finally picked one. It should be here by the end of the week! You're still too small according to the specifications, but a couple of reviews parents said that they bought it for their advanced little ones, so I'm confident that with a little propping you will be okay. Mommy is just so tired of trying to hold you in a standing position all the time!
I tried putting your swing facing the kitchen last night when I made dinner, and it helped because you didn't cry, but you frowned at me the whole time! lol! You just need something more. And you already have used the Johnny Jump Up, but you get bored, so this activity bouncer has lots of toys all over it,. as well as some hooks to add whatever toys we want to. I'm excited!

In other news, this is mommy's last week at home with you! :( I go back to work next week. The time has gone so fast, I can't believe how old you are! Feels like I was just pregnant yesterday! But you will have a lot of fun home with daddy, and Grandma is super excited for the days you will spend with her! I don't have to worry about you while I'm at work, but gosh, I'm still gonna miss you something terrible! I don't even like thinking about it.

Well, perhaps unrelated or not to the beetles, you've been really fussy the past week. Very unhappy and tearful in ways that are unlike you. It might still be the thrush meds, hard to tell, or maybe it's just a phase. Harder to get you to eat from a bottle, and you want to be held all the time. Safe to say, I'm getting less accomplished! haha! But that's okay. Babies will be babies! You've been stuffy lately too, so daddy set up the humidifier in your room. It helped the first night, but you've been in bed with us the last few nights so I may have to move it in there. We will see. It's a nice humidifier though, makes it really nice and moist in the room.

Your two month appointment is Tuesday! Ack! Daddy has to work so I will be taking you all by myself to get your shots! I'm so sad, nothing is harder than watching your baby in pain! But you'll be a good boy I'm sure. I'll just nurse you afterward and I'm sure you will recover. I still feel bad though! The pediatricians office is so nice, I'm sure they'll let me stay and calm you down for as long as I need.

Anyway, you're napping right now so I'm going to get ready, we have to run to Walmart for some more liquid formula since the Enfamil just won't work! It's rainy, and I want to beat the rush. Love you son!

Love Always,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

0 years 2 months 0 weeks 4 days

Dear Austen,

You're becoming so much fun! You laugh a lot more now, your awareness is just amazing! On Saturday I had a senior portrait shoot in Yamhill, so Grandma Biggs watched you- we were going to take you with us and at the last minute decided to ask her, and I'm glad we did! It was so wet and rainy it would have been really hard to keep you dry and happy! The shoot went well though, and we're going out again next month when the leaves change. In the meantime, trying to find time to edit the pictures with you is no easy task!

On Monday daddy got to practice what it will be like when I go back to work in two weeks and he watched you as much as possible so I could get some photo editing done. He did great! He took you for a walk, and changed most of your seemed pretty content to have that much Daddy Time!

You've been feeling a little off, needing a lot more cuddles and not sleeping as well, I can only imagine it's the thrush meds we are on. Mine give me an awful headache, so I'm sure yours do something to you too....
On Sunday my eye was infected, probably because mommy is TERRIBLE at remembering to wash her contacts weekly, so you and I stayed home while daddy went and watched football with Grandpa Biggs. My eye watered allllll day, so you and I just laid around and rested, which was okay with you!

Yesterday I got almost nothing done because you were clearly having a bad day, and didn't want to nap without me. Worse of all, when I put you down for your morning nap you started screaming after ten minutes because you scratched your face below your left eye! Oh it was awful you poor thing! I feel so bad, it's mommy's fault for not trimming your nails better...though you just HATE it! So the rest of the day you wouldn't nap without me, so we had a nice afternoon nap together and you were all happy and sleepy again when daddy got home! You slept well for the first part of the night, but after about 5am you were very fussy, so you're napping already and it's barely after 9am now!

Mommy got up early today and daddy watched you for me while I ran to Walmart for diapers and formula, and then hit Starbucks on the way home. Daddy said you were laughing so hard at him in the mirror when he was doing his hair! You looked at yourself in the mirror for the first time this morning!!! You didn't care much for just stared...hahaha!
But now we have diapers and formula! yay! Yesterday you practically breastfed all day since we were didn't mind, what with being cuddly as you don't feel well.

Well, now that you're napping I'm going to have some mommy-time and clean up the bedroom and finish my coffee! I hope you feel better soon! I love you dearly!

Love Always,

Friday, September 17, 2010

0 years 1 month 4 weeks 2 days

Dear Austen,

It's hard to believe that it will have been two whole months as of tomorrow since you have been born!
It feels like only yesterday that I was staring at the positive pregnancy test in disbelief! I remember that day so well. It was a weekend right after Halloween, November 8th I believe? Your daddy was working and I was home alone, watching Desperate Housewives and doing laundry. I was making banana bread and taco soup in the crock pot, I remember because I sent your daddy a text saying that the house smelled like a "mexican banana". Then I took a shower and when I got out I took the pregnancy test. It was positive...and after I stared at it for about 5 minutes I texted your daddy a picture of it...and right after I got a text back saying "lol..that's funny". Funny??!!! I wrote him back "Which part..the mexican banana or the positive test???!!" and he said "call you in a bit". He hadn't seen the picture at first! SO we called and made an appointment right away at the doctor's office for that week. We went in and they said everything sounded fine and that I was to come back in a few weeks for an ultrasound at what they figured to be 8 weeks...but we knew it was only 6 weeks! They gave us an EDD of July 9th at the first appointment. At the ultrasound, on NOvember 25th, Deanna dated you at 6 weeks and 2 days! You were sooo tiny! But you looked great! Right then and there daddy and I thought you were a boy! I don't know why, we just did. And we were right! Then they said that the EDD was July 19th!

And the nine months began!

I love remembering your story...we wanted you so badly, and were so thrilled to have you! Even when you were the tiniest little speck in my tummy we started talking names and nursery colors!

Love Always,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

0 years 1 month 4 weeks 1 day

Dear little Austen,

Well, the first Fall rain started yesterday! You didn't like it one bit, either! We were leaving Grandma's house after a quick visit, and it was coming down pretty hard so a few drops hit your face....and you wrinkled up like someone was doing something on purpose! So cute!

Well, I finally got you down for a nap this afternoon, you just were SO tired, but refused to sleep! Ugh! You little kept falling asleep on mine and Daddy's shoulder, but jerking awake as soon as you realized! Finally, after daddy left to get his car serviced, I was able to rock you for a bit in your room and then you just rolled about a bit and gave up when I put you in your crib.

We went to Mommy's doctor today, getting some stronger medication for treating our thrush. Yes, we still have've had it for 6 out of your 8 weeks of life, you poor thing! You won't know what to think when your tongue feels better!! You got your prescription the other day but I had to make an appointment to get mine. So, we are both starting new meds today that should fully kick the yeast imbalance from our system. Yay! I'm so excited for it to be gone completely!

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and Daddy wore you in the Eddie Bauer front sling while we shopped. You two looked so cute! You fell asleep shortly after we got there and woke up right before we left. And we had our first poopy diaper blowout!!! Haha! All up your back! and OF COURSE as luck would have it, Mommy didn't have any more diapers with her so you had to sit in it all the way home! Oops.

Well, according to the monitor you are stirring....gotta go!

Love Always,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

0 years 1 month 3 weeks 6 days

Dearest Austen,

Having you has reinstated my previous belief that a big family is what I want. Every day with you is more beautiful than the last, watching you change and grow. For years, people with children have always laughed at me when I said I want as many kids as I can! But now I have what I didn't have then: Experience. While I understand that there is sooo many more obstacles to overcome, and so much more that will 'not' be easy, I know that I enjoy being a mother more than anything else I have even enjoyed. I truly love entering every day knowing that you will laugh more, smile more, and do more! I have been blessed with a fantastic child, who is either a very easy baby, or I"m just enjoying it too much to notice! I don't know what people were warning me about, but this "baby thing" is just wonderful. Who needs sleep??! You are worth it. I truly cannot wait to give you brothers and/or sisters....this is a wonderful journey, being a mother. And YOU have given me that! You will always be my first, my oldest, my son. So thank you.

Love Always,

Monday, September 13, 2010

0 years 1 month 3 weeks 5 days

Dear Austen,

Well, mommy had a birthday! I am now twenty seven. Where does the time go....
To celebrate, daddy took me to a ridiculously expensive dinner the night before while you hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Brunette. I also got a beautiful gold and diamond necklace with a tiny mommy and baby in the awesome I will treasure it forever!
That night, the night before/and of my birthday- well, you just didn't wanna sleep! Ugh! You kept mommy up from about 3am on! But that's okay, you napped with me on the couch for a good portion on the day so it's alright.
Grandma and Grandpa gave me a furry bathrobe, it's bright green and oh-so-warm and fuzzy! You love it for breastfeeding and naps. It's like wearing a fuzzy blanket! I love it!
Yesterday you and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Biggs for the afternoon. Daddy had to work. But we had fun! Your Aunts Cori and Katy both got to hold you for a while, and you were just so darn tired by the time we left! I tried to put you down for a nap but I think there were just too many different loud sounds of kids running wild for you! But you slept well last night, so I suppose it worked out well.
You're awfully tired this morning too! But sort of restless, since daddy put you in your crib and woke up less than an hour later and were still tired, so now you're napping on the couch. Of course, you went to bed at 9pm last night and slept almost through the how you are tired, beats me! haha!

Regardless, another day in the life! In a little while we will be waking you to run some errands, so I'm glad you will at least be in a happy mood! We love you son!

Love always and more each day,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

0 years 1 month 3weeks 0 days

Dear Austen,

We got up early today! Daddy has a meeting at work so had to be in early, so you and I ventured out into the living room at 6:30 today. You were awake anyway, and wanted to eat, so it was not a big deal that the alarm went off so early. You've been breastfeeding so much better in the mornings! You're in a great mood so far today (though it is early!) and you just sat in your bouncer and watched Shaun the Sheep and smiled while I made coffee. Then you nursed and now you're back to sleep for a little while I imagine. You're so cute!

I'm starting to be sad that our morning rituals will change once I go back to work soon. We usually get up and I have coffee while you sit in your bouncer and then you nurse again, and then you have a morning nap usually around 10am so I can make the bed and do some cleaning. When I go back to work you will either be home with Daddy doing these things (well...minus the nursing part) or I will be getting you up extra early so we can go to Grandma's and you will stay with her while Daddy and I both work. Grandma is super excited though! I've been collecting "Grandma stuff" all extra bottles and some necessities for Grandma's house while you are there. I'll have to get some baby toys and a fuzzy blanket to leave there too. You love your fuzzy blankets! We have four of them! I will be so sad to leave you in the mornings, but for now I guess that's how it has to be. Daddy and I are hoping that in a few years I will be able to stay home, perhaps after he finishes school. But in the meantime, it's great that Grandma has offered to watch you twice a week! I worry so much less!

Well, today I hope to get some more organizing done around the house. Yesterday you were so awesome and happy I was able to get a lot done! And you've begun napping in your room so well! We just bought a baby monitor, so now I can put you in there and shut the door and wander about the house and outside without worrying if you're fussing! So often when you wake up you don't cry right away, just stir, and if I can catch you quickly enough I can coax you back to sleep. SO the monitor is working well! Plus, you're getting more used to your room, so when you wake up you're not as frightened because you don't recognize your surroundings. A few days ago Daddy went to check on you while you were making noise in a nap, and you were just talking away to Rex the dinosaur! Haha! It was so cute!

Love you son! You're such a joy!

Love always,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

0 years 1 month 2 weeks 6 days

I've not written in so long!

So much has changed in you! You're getting so huge, you're growing out of some of your clothes now! Mommy and Daddy went on a date while Grandma and Grandpa Brunette watched you. They said you were great! You napped and ate well, and then there's a funny story about how your diaper leaked up your back and Grandma and Grandpa didn't notice while they were burping you and just kept rubbing it into your back! So funny!

Yesterday was Labor Day and you refused to nap! You got so cranky! You were soooo tired too! We went looking at new mattresses because we still only have a full and it's really old, plus, with YOU we need a little more room! You cried so much, it was so unusual for you, but we left and went back later after we fed you and you eventually fell asleep, after 8pm! We didn't end up getting a bed yet, but we are planning to save up the next few months and getting a California king....lotsa room for all of us!

Today, probably because of your lack of sleep yesterday, you've been a total doll! You've napped on cue, and stayed down for a good nap each time. You let me shower, and then after your bath you even let me make and EAT dinner! Amazing! haha! Now I'm just waiting for daddy to get home. He worked late because they were busy. It's warm in the living room but I don't want to open the back door because you fell asleep nursing and I've left you on the couch now, so I don't want you to be cold.

Anyways, things are still going great. You're a joy everyday, and I've started photographing you more and you are incredibly photogenic! It's a little harder to get the time to edit the photos, but I guess taking them is the important part, isn't it. You laugh so often now too, it's simply adorable! Your eyesight has grown so much it's so much fun to see just how well you respond to so much now. You still LOVE windows, but now you look and laugh at toys too!

You're snoozing away right now, so I guess I'll relax and watch some tv now. The house is clean, and all that is left is laundry...but there's always tomorrow! ha!

Love Always,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

0 years 1 month 0 weeks 6 days

Dear Austen,

Yesterday we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Biggs for a while in Carlton. We went for a walk to the park for lunch with your cousin Lexi, and she and daddy played on the swingset while you and I sat under a tree. The weather was beautiful! You and I matched, I was wearing my new skirt that Grandma Brunette bought me that was orange, and you wore an orange onesie! haha...I'm silly, I know. :)

After our walk, you napped at Grandma's while the adults talked about boring things like debt and bills and the economy. Daddy and I were approved for a 10k consolidation loan! We're so excited! Now we can pay off all our outstanding debt, and bills, and only pay $300 a month instead of trying to pay a little to everyone! This will help so much you can't even imagine! This way we can clear our credit and move into a house of our own SO much sooner! Mommy and Daddy are stoked!

On the way home, we decided we wanted to go out and celebrate, so we went home and fed you and brought you back to Carlton because Grandma agreed to babysit you for a few hours so that mommy and daddy could go out! You were awake, and I was so worried to leave you! We were only gone for 3 hours, but Grandma said you were so good! You were awake almost the whole time and fell asleep just before we got back. It was nice though, I beat daddy at pool once! And we were able to play the stereo in the car for the first time in a very long time!

You were so tired, you slept the whole way home, and once we were home I was able to change your diaper and put you in bed without you even waking up!!! You were so beat! You were very fussy all night, but that's okay. You've been great all day today!

You're napping now, and when you wake up I will feed you and give you a bath! Daddy is gone tonight, he has an acting job tonight so he went to Aunt Jess and Uncle Carl's for dinner in Hillsboro and then he will be out all night for the shoot. We were supposed to go too, but I decided it would be easiest for us to be home in the event daddy is working until the morning.

Well, I made chili-taco lasagna that is done now, so I'd better go and eat before you wake, cos then it's bathtime!

Love always,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

0 years 1 month 0 weeks 4 days

Dear Austen,

You slept in your crib last night from 12:15 to 4:45! That's a long time for you!

Then you spent the next 4 hours with mommy and daddy without fussing and we got up as daddy was leaving for work. You and I watched tv for a few hours and now you're napping so I can clean up breakfast!

You went down really well last night too, usually I have to try a few times before you stay, but you just settled right in without a problem! Yay! I hope this means you're going to start sleeping longer!

I have a long list of chores to do today, so I hope you're as good of a boy as you were yesterday! I can't swaddle you anymore, though the first few weeks you were inconsolable unless you were tightly wrapped up in a swaddler or blanket; Now you hate it! Funny how fast you are changing!

Love always,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

0 years 1 month 0 weeks 3 days

Dear Austen,

You got a bath in the big bathtub today! With the litterbox gone, the hall bathroom is all yours! Complete with a kitty/puppy rug and all your bath soups and towels!

You loved your bath as usual! You were so angry at first when I changed your diaper and got you all naked, but as soon as I put you in the warm water you started smiling and cooing! Until, of course, I took you back out, but I guess that's how it works! Haha!

Funniest yet, somehow during the bath-prep I accidentally turned on the while YOU didn't get sprayed, mommy wasn't so lucky. So, we were both a little wet when this bath was over. :-P

I have gotten so much done around the house today since you're being such a good boy! I was able to clean both bathroom, shower, clean up the kitchen and bedroom, change the sheets, and do some laundry! We have discovered the vibrating bouncer chair! You simply adore it! I just need to tote it around to whatever room I'm in, and you just sit contentedly and watch, or better yet, take a nap. It's fantastic!

Daddy called a little while ago and said he will be coming home from work early to go through some boring bills with mommy, but that also means more daddy-time for you tonight! Yay! Last night you were so tired when he got home he really only got to see you a few minutes before you went to bed!

Also, we started the sensitive formula for supplementing today. You've been so gassy and fussy lately that I thought we would try it instead. So far, you've been great today, but we will see how the next few days go. You don't seem to mind the difference, so that's good. Of course, you're still happiest when you get a bottle of breastmilk! You're definitely able to tell the difference!!

That said, you're napping in your bouncer-chair right now, so I'm going to get dinner prepped so that when daddy gets home he can barbecue some pork steaks! Thank you for being such a precious baby today and every day. :) I truly enjoy you.

Love always,

Friday, August 20, 2010

0 years 1 month 0 weeks 2 days

Dear Austen,

We went grocery shopping with Grandma (Brunette) today!

Or- Grandma agreed to go shopping with us, since Mommy didn't really want to go alone! You did great though. You were a little upset when we stopped at Ross, where Grandma offered to buy mommy some new clothes, but only got a skirt and a sleeper for you. I just can't concentrate when you're upset! And you're not quite able to hold the binky in your mouth alone (let alone, like it!) so we left shortly after. Grandma took a smoke break and bought me a lemonade while I sat in the car and fed you, where you promptly fell asleep and then decided once we started driving again that you did NOT want to be out shopping!

However, when we got to Winco and Grandma helped me put you in a sling so I could wear you, you fell asleep and cuddled up to me for the whole shopping trip!

We bought you some Pampers that are still too big for you! So I think I'll go get you a small package of the small ones again tomorrow....just for the next week. You're growing fast, but I think another week or so in the little diapers will suit you better!

Anyway, you're napping now in your room, so I think I'll finish cleaning up the kitchen and folding some laundry while you're down. I think you'll be up soon! Daddy is at work until 10pm, so I will be here with you until then. Tomorrow I'm going to clean the house and give you a bath in the big bathtub!

Yesterday the kitties went to their new home, a nice lady that daddy works with agreed to adopt them both. I'm so sad, Dante has been with us for 5 years, and Mika for 4....but they were so much work, and with you around, mommy and daddy just decided it best to give you all our attention instead! Someday when we have a big house, we'll get a new kitty. For now, it's just better for everyone if you're the only one holding a piece of our hearts! They will be missed terribly, but you're worth it!

Love you always,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

0 years 0 months 3 weeks 6 days

Dear Austen,

Happy Saturday! Daddy is still in bed, you and I got up at 6:30 and came out to the couch. You're napping right now as I enjoy my coffee and write this.
We didn't intend to, but have been cosleeping more these days. You sleep so much better when you're near us, so even though it's a bit cramped, it works! Whenever you stir, I only need to rub your back and you settle back to sleep.

Today we are going to a BBQ at the Emry's. Jason was born the same week as you, and we haven't seen him yet, so I'm excited to meet him today. It'll also be the first time we've gone to visit someone other than your Grandparents or Uncle Carl and Aunt Jess' house. We'll see how well you behave!

We're still supplementing with formula, though you've grown rather impatient with breastfeeding since the bottle feeds you so much faster! Overall, you don't really care what you get as long as it's food, and last night you ate 5 oz of formula before bed! I think you're going through a growth spurt, all you've been doing the past few days is eat and sleep! I think you're gonna be a chunky little fellow!

We've been suffering from thrush for the past week or so, and yours is looking so much better as of yesterday! We started to infect each other, so I'm glad yours is healing. It has really helped your fussiness. You really have a fantastic personality! Such moods! Always getting a laugh from us as you take in the world around you!

As always, looking forward to another day of you and your developing dexterity and maturity! Each day you seem more like a little man and less of a newborn!

With Love,

Friday, August 13, 2010

0 years 0 months 3 weeks 5 days

My dearest son,

This is the first of many letters I will be writing you. I wish that I had started them sooner, perhaps the day you were born, but, as you can probably imagine: Mommy was a tad preoccupied.

Your birth was definitely an event, a story I will preserve for another day, but it was the changing point in my life. I have gone from being just a girl, a woman, a wife; to being so much more. I'm your mommy, and nothing in the world can ever change that.

In the meantime, it's been an adventure in sleepless nights, painful issues of thrush and whatnot, but it's all been worth it! You're healthy and growing, and we can't ask for much more!

With Love,