Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Dear Austen,

We got up early today! Daddy has a meeting at work so had to be in early, so you and I ventured out into the living room at 6:30 today. You were awake anyway, and wanted to eat, so it was not a big deal that the alarm went off so early. You've been breastfeeding so much better in the mornings! You're in a great mood so far today (though it is early!) and you just sat in your bouncer and watched Shaun the Sheep and smiled while I made coffee. Then you nursed and now you're back to sleep for a little while I imagine. You're so cute!

I'm starting to be sad that our morning rituals will change once I go back to work soon. We usually get up and I have coffee while you sit in your bouncer and then you nurse again, and then you have a morning nap usually around 10am so I can make the bed and do some cleaning. When I go back to work you will either be home with Daddy doing these things (well...minus the nursing part) or I will be getting you up extra early so we can go to Grandma's and you will stay with her while Daddy and I both work. Grandma is super excited though! I've been collecting "Grandma stuff" all extra bottles and some necessities for Grandma's house while you are there. I'll have to get some baby toys and a fuzzy blanket to leave there too. You love your fuzzy blankets! We have four of them! I will be so sad to leave you in the mornings, but for now I guess that's how it has to be. Daddy and I are hoping that in a few years I will be able to stay home, perhaps after he finishes school. But in the meantime, it's great that Grandma has offered to watch you twice a week! I worry so much less!

Well, today I hope to get some more organizing done around the house. Yesterday you were so awesome and happy I was able to get a lot done! And you've begun napping in your room so well! We just bought a baby monitor, so now I can put you in there and shut the door and wander about the house and outside without worrying if you're fussing! So often when you wake up you don't cry right away, just stir, and if I can catch you quickly enough I can coax you back to sleep. SO the monitor is working well! Plus, you're getting more used to your room, so when you wake up you're not as frightened because you don't recognize your surroundings. A few days ago Daddy went to check on you while you were making noise in a nap, and you were just talking away to Rex the dinosaur! Haha! It was so cute!

Love you son! You're such a joy!

Love always,

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