Thursday, September 16, 2010

0 years 1 month 4 weeks 1 day

Dear little Austen,

Well, the first Fall rain started yesterday! You didn't like it one bit, either! We were leaving Grandma's house after a quick visit, and it was coming down pretty hard so a few drops hit your face....and you wrinkled up like someone was doing something on purpose! So cute!

Well, I finally got you down for a nap this afternoon, you just were SO tired, but refused to sleep! Ugh! You little kept falling asleep on mine and Daddy's shoulder, but jerking awake as soon as you realized! Finally, after daddy left to get his car serviced, I was able to rock you for a bit in your room and then you just rolled about a bit and gave up when I put you in your crib.

We went to Mommy's doctor today, getting some stronger medication for treating our thrush. Yes, we still have've had it for 6 out of your 8 weeks of life, you poor thing! You won't know what to think when your tongue feels better!! You got your prescription the other day but I had to make an appointment to get mine. So, we are both starting new meds today that should fully kick the yeast imbalance from our system. Yay! I'm so excited for it to be gone completely!

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and Daddy wore you in the Eddie Bauer front sling while we shopped. You two looked so cute! You fell asleep shortly after we got there and woke up right before we left. And we had our first poopy diaper blowout!!! Haha! All up your back! and OF COURSE as luck would have it, Mommy didn't have any more diapers with her so you had to sit in it all the way home! Oops.

Well, according to the monitor you are stirring....gotta go!

Love Always,

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