Wednesday, January 12, 2011

0 years 5 months 3 weeks 4 days

Dear Austen,

We have our first tooth! Yay! You cut it last night, chewing on Daddy's finger! haha! He was giving you a bath and you were gumming away so he stuck his finger in your mouth to rub your gums and you chewed so hard it broke through! My, how big you're getting!
You've been sick for over a week. :( I think you're finally starting to feel better, though your schedule is all messed up because right now you and I are up and it's only 5:30am, and you woke me up at 4:30! Gonna be a long day for Mommy! But that's okay, you were so cute. You rolled over in bed (you've been sleeping in bed with us again since you got sick) and looked up at me with the BIGGEST darn smile!
You got sick last Monday, and were really stuffed up and sneezy. Then you got fevers, really low grade, but fevers. You were really fussy and just overall didn't feel good. I missed two and a half days of work! We went to your doctors and saw a different doctor than Dr. Hyder and you just loved her...haha. Cood and just showed off for her, it was hilarious. :) But, they gave us antibiotics that we still haven't given you in hopes you would improve, which you finally are, though you have the worst cough I've ever heard in such a little guy! Keeps us all up at night.
You being sick, is like having a newborn all over again! Up all night, don't nap more than an hour at a's been a long week indeed! So glad to see you smiling and happy this morning!
You have been eating solids for three weeks now. We started with Green thought the spoon was cool...not such a fan of the green stuff on it. ;P The rice cereal is okay with prefer it with breastmilk but eat it with formula too. After green beans we did avocado. That you loved! Yum yum! Then came carrots, which were liked a lot better than the beans! And this week we've been on Peas, which Daddy made! You like them too, though you've taken a break on solids being sick- you've been so stuffed up and unable to breath through your nose so we decided to wait and pick them up again. So we just started them again. Last night you kicked the bowl and got peas all over the wall! We really need to get that high chair! LOL! I will order it this month. You've just sat in your bouncer or on our laps for eating.
You can sit up for a little while unassisted! You love it. Then you decide you want something REALLY far away and you fall over! haha. Flat on your tummy, then you scoot along. Almost crawling! So much has changed in such a short time. My growing boy!
You will be six whole months next week! Mommy's so excited! I can't wait until you feel completely better and sleep though the night again- it only happened a week or two before you got sick. I don't blame you, being sick is awful. Been the hardest thing watching you feeling so yucky all the time. Been hard on all of us. Your smile this morning shows me that you should be your rambunctious self again soon!
Well, I better go get you a bottle and then get myself ready for work. We're going to Grandmas here in a little while! You still love Grandma-days! You now just adore Laney and the cats! And Grandma has a walker that you can walk around the kitchen in....which you think is pretty awesome! Grandpas birthday is this Friday too. You got him something pretty cool! :)

Oh, and sorry I didn't write on your first Christmas. It went so well, and you were really smart and figured out that wrapped presents had cooler stuff inside! You got a lot of neat stuff and you love it all! The tree was your favorite- we did a blinking blue-light tree with all blue ornaments for our little boy! SO pretty!

Love you always and forever my little one. You are a constant joy to watch grow and learn.