Tuesday, August 24, 2010

0 years 1 month 0 weeks 6 days

Dear Austen,

Yesterday we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Biggs for a while in Carlton. We went for a walk to the park for lunch with your cousin Lexi, and she and daddy played on the swingset while you and I sat under a tree. The weather was beautiful! You and I matched, I was wearing my new skirt that Grandma Brunette bought me that was orange, and you wore an orange onesie! haha...I'm silly, I know. :)

After our walk, you napped at Grandma's while the adults talked about boring things like debt and bills and the economy. Daddy and I were approved for a 10k consolidation loan! We're so excited! Now we can pay off all our outstanding debt, and bills, and only pay $300 a month instead of trying to pay a little to everyone! This will help so much you can't even imagine! This way we can clear our credit and move into a house of our own SO much sooner! Mommy and Daddy are stoked!

On the way home, we decided we wanted to go out and celebrate, so we went home and fed you and brought you back to Carlton because Grandma agreed to babysit you for a few hours so that mommy and daddy could go out! You were awake, and I was so worried to leave you! We were only gone for 3 hours, but Grandma said you were so good! You were awake almost the whole time and fell asleep just before we got back. It was nice though, I beat daddy at pool once! And we were able to play the stereo in the car for the first time in a very long time!

You were so tired, you slept the whole way home, and once we were home I was able to change your diaper and put you in bed without you even waking up!!! You were so beat! You were very fussy all night, but that's okay. You've been great all day today!

You're napping now, and when you wake up I will feed you and give you a bath! Daddy is gone tonight, he has an acting job tonight so he went to Aunt Jess and Uncle Carl's for dinner in Hillsboro and then he will be out all night for the shoot. We were supposed to go too, but I decided it would be easiest for us to be home in the event daddy is working until the morning.

Well, I made chili-taco lasagna that is done now, so I'd better go and eat before you wake, cos then it's bathtime!

Love always,


  1. I like your blog idea. So sweet. I live in Carlton, so it was funny to see that Austen's grandparents live here. I wonder if we have crossed paths. I am always taking my kids out and about.

    I have been blogging non-stop since my daughter was born. Sometimes it is more interesting and sometimes it is downright boring, but I love to do it.

    My mom died when I was 3 and the thing she left behind was an account of what we did and how I grew over the three years that we did have together. I so appreciate it!

    Enjoy your little one. Newborns are so amazing. So are big kids but there is nothing like having a baby around.

  2. He's so adorable!
    I love the letters to him. I'm sure it will keep you busy too, you'll always be thinking of the next fun thing to do together so you can write it all down for him!