Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Dear Austen,

You got a bath in the big bathtub today! With the litterbox gone, the hall bathroom is all yours! Complete with a kitty/puppy rug and all your bath soups and towels!

You loved your bath as usual! You were so angry at first when I changed your diaper and got you all naked, but as soon as I put you in the warm water you started smiling and cooing! Until, of course, I took you back out, but I guess that's how it works! Haha!

Funniest yet, somehow during the bath-prep I accidentally turned on the while YOU didn't get sprayed, mommy wasn't so lucky. So, we were both a little wet when this bath was over. :-P

I have gotten so much done around the house today since you're being such a good boy! I was able to clean both bathroom, shower, clean up the kitchen and bedroom, change the sheets, and do some laundry! We have discovered the vibrating bouncer chair! You simply adore it! I just need to tote it around to whatever room I'm in, and you just sit contentedly and watch, or better yet, take a nap. It's fantastic!

Daddy called a little while ago and said he will be coming home from work early to go through some boring bills with mommy, but that also means more daddy-time for you tonight! Yay! Last night you were so tired when he got home he really only got to see you a few minutes before you went to bed!

Also, we started the sensitive formula for supplementing today. You've been so gassy and fussy lately that I thought we would try it instead. So far, you've been great today, but we will see how the next few days go. You don't seem to mind the difference, so that's good. Of course, you're still happiest when you get a bottle of breastmilk! You're definitely able to tell the difference!!

That said, you're napping in your bouncer-chair right now, so I'm going to get dinner prepped so that when daddy gets home he can barbecue some pork steaks! Thank you for being such a precious baby today and every day. :) I truly enjoy you.

Love always,

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