Friday, August 20, 2010

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Dear Austen,

We went grocery shopping with Grandma (Brunette) today!

Or- Grandma agreed to go shopping with us, since Mommy didn't really want to go alone! You did great though. You were a little upset when we stopped at Ross, where Grandma offered to buy mommy some new clothes, but only got a skirt and a sleeper for you. I just can't concentrate when you're upset! And you're not quite able to hold the binky in your mouth alone (let alone, like it!) so we left shortly after. Grandma took a smoke break and bought me a lemonade while I sat in the car and fed you, where you promptly fell asleep and then decided once we started driving again that you did NOT want to be out shopping!

However, when we got to Winco and Grandma helped me put you in a sling so I could wear you, you fell asleep and cuddled up to me for the whole shopping trip!

We bought you some Pampers that are still too big for you! So I think I'll go get you a small package of the small ones again tomorrow....just for the next week. You're growing fast, but I think another week or so in the little diapers will suit you better!

Anyway, you're napping now in your room, so I think I'll finish cleaning up the kitchen and folding some laundry while you're down. I think you'll be up soon! Daddy is at work until 10pm, so I will be here with you until then. Tomorrow I'm going to clean the house and give you a bath in the big bathtub!

Yesterday the kitties went to their new home, a nice lady that daddy works with agreed to adopt them both. I'm so sad, Dante has been with us for 5 years, and Mika for 4....but they were so much work, and with you around, mommy and daddy just decided it best to give you all our attention instead! Someday when we have a big house, we'll get a new kitty. For now, it's just better for everyone if you're the only one holding a piece of our hearts! They will be missed terribly, but you're worth it!

Love you always,

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