Saturday, May 7, 2011

0 years 9 months 2 weeks 5 days

Dear Austen,

I haven't been writing, but that doesn't mean you haven't been doing things! Let me catch us all up to speed....

You have 8 teeth. You LOVE to bite things! Pillows, blankets, toys, Daddy.....haha. You seem to bite Daddy a little more than Mommy...though occassionally I experience a nibble from you!
You are OFFICIALLY MOBILE! We had to baby-proof the apartment when you turned 7 months. You now have expanded your play area from the living room to the kitchen and dining room. You also love the hall, because you love to play with the door-stoppers. They make a VERY satisfying "Boooiiing"!!
You are also standing unassisted! You have been walking about with the assistance of the couch for some time, but now you are trying to walk without help. You don't make it far! But we know that it won't be long!
Your favorite movie is Toy Story, though Cars takes a very close second! I am planning on getting you a Buzz Lightyear and Woody doll for your birthday, which is fast approaching! Cousin Alea had her birthday last hard to believe how old you two are! She is very close to walking as well, though she is definitely more coordinated than you, as she has those three months on you! It won't be long before you two are the same. I look forward to how you grow and change!

You must be the happiest baby!So easy. Very good natured. You still deal so well with Mommy and Daddy both working full time. Right now Daddy is back in school again, which he stopped when you were born. Now you spend Tuesday mornings with Grandma Biggs, and you are used to it at last! Always takes a while to get used to a new place. You don't like being left, however, as you now realize that showing up at either Grandma's house, means Mommy goes to work! :(
Wednesdays and Thursdays you still go to Grandma Brunettes. Mondays and Fridays you are home with Daddy though! and every weekend, you get Mommy-time!!!

Right now you favor Daddy just a tiny bit more, which is funny because your first word is officially "mama" and you always call for me when you get sleepy. Daddy is a favorite for playtime though! Same with Grandpa Brunette. Little boys just love rough playtimes!

Naptime is always a rough thing- you have an erratic schedule. But you still do very well considering. You have been eating your solids really well now though! You love sweet potatoes and yams, and alllllll your fruits! We are just starting protiens, and you don't care for the textures! But we will get there. Always a process! Your favorite new things are Cheerios and cheese!

Aunt Judy should be coming to visit for your birthday, and bringing cousin Zach! Thats exciting. Daddy and I are also planning on taking you camping for the first time too! Woohoo! Can't wait. Just a couple months!

That's all for now. I will write soon! I love you dearly, and thank every day that I am so blessed with such a precious son. :)

Much love,

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